Dog Bite Law City Page for Burbank

Dog Bite Law City Page for Burbank

According to the CDC statistics, up to 5 million people in the US suffer dog bites annually, half of which are kids. All of these victims require medical attention, which can inconvenience their families. With the larger population in Burbank owning dogs, you can fall victim to a dog bite. This is because no matter how friendly a dog is, it can still bite. A dog bite injury can cause physical, mental, or emotional damage, so you should contact our experienced dog bite attorneys at Avaness Law Burbank to assist you in recovering the damages.

What Injuries Will Result From a Dog Bite?

While some dog bites are minor, not everyone is lucky to walk away unscathed. A dog bite injury can cause severe physical damage, especially to children. Due to their size, children will likely sustain facial injuries requiring surgical intervention. Some of the injuries may persist for years, requiring therapy.

Other common victims of dog bites include post-letter carriers and the elderly. Dog bite injuries can derail your life, and liaising with our Burbank dog bite attorney is advisable to pursue compensation and restore normalcy.

Whether a dog bites your arm, foot, or neck, you will likely suffer from the following common injuries:

  • Puncture wounds
  • Scratches, cuts, and bruises
  • Nerve damage
  • Tearing
  • Fractures
  • Dislocations
  • Amputations
  • Head and brain injuries
  • Disfigurement
  • Emotional injuries, including anxiety, fear, depression, and PTSD

Actions to Take After a Dog Bite in Burbank

A dog bite can leave you confused, injured, and in so much pain. However, if you are in a position to, or with the help of a second party, follow the steps below to be safe:

  • Seek medical attention immediately
  • Report the injury to the authorities and obtain an accident report
  • If possible, get the name and contact of the dog owner
  • Take photos of the dog that bit you together with the location
  • Take photos of visible injuries from the incident with the dog
  • Keep the clothes you had that the animal damaged
  • Take photos of property damaged by the animal during the incident
  • Contact a dog bite attorney for guidance

Who is Responsible for My Dog Bite Injury?

Most of the time, the dog owner will be liable for your dog bite in Burbank, whether or not the dog has ever bitten another animal or person. The California Civil Code (CIV) §3342 allows you to hold the dog owner, caretaker, property owner, or landlord accountable for dog bite injuries if your case meets the state requirements for such cases. Hiring a Burbank dog bite at this stage is advisable to help you establish the best course, depending on your circumstances.

In proving your dog bite injury, we will use negligence as the cause of action when a second party is wholly or partially liable for your damages. Negligence is also applicable where the dog’s owner violated animal regulations.

No matter the negligence in your case, contact our Avaness Law attorney to investigate the incident and establish who is liable for your damages. Assisted by the evidence you gathered when the incident occurred, we will help you pursue a lawsuit for favorable compensation.

Contact Our Burbank Dog Bite Attorney

A dog bite is an unfortunate and life-impacting accident, whether on a child or adult. The victim sustains injuries and suffers financially, especially where the damages necessitate a series of treatments for correction. While you can pursue claims from insurance with the evidence of your medical reports, most insurances disburse lower amounts due to unwillingness to cater to their client’s negligence. By contacting our Avaness Law attorney, you can focus on getting well as we pursue the best possible compensation. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.