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If you get injured due to third-party negligence, you have the right to hire a Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer to help you seek compensation. The law requires property owners and employers to exercise reasonable care to avoid harming others, and they can be held liable for their failure to uphold that duty. At Avaness law, we help individuals navigate personal injury cases by holding at-fault parties responsible for their negligent acts. We take pride in getting results for our clients. Call us today if you suffer a personal injury, and we will give you the legal advice you need.

Why Do I Need a Sherman Oaks Personal Injury Attorney?

Hiring a personal lawyer is an effective way to protect your rights and obtain compensation for your injuries. Our attorney at Avaness Law will represent you during the trial and settlement negotiations and ensure you have everything necessary to recover compensation after an injury. The tasks that our Sherman Oaks attorney will undertake for you include the following:

  • Investigation and reconstruction of the accident
  • Collection and preservation of the evidence
  • Eyewitness interviews
  • Claims paperwork submission
  • Adherence to legal requirements and deadlines
  • Connection to other experts for testimony
  • Analysis and evaluation of damages
  • Negotiation of insurance settlements
  • Representation at trial where necessary

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

At Avaness Law, we handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including:

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents include car, motorcycle, truck, Uber/Lyft, boat, bicycle, and pedestrian accidents.  California law requires you to file your claims within two years from the accident date, and our attorney can help you through the process.

The personal injury law in the state of California is fault-based, implying that the parties will seek compensation from the insurance provider of the party at fault after an accident. You should identify the cause of your accident and who was at fault for your injuries before proceeding with your lawsuit. Pure comparative negligence rules will also apply such that where the plaintiff contributed to the accident, their compensation will be reduced by the percentage of their fault.

To ensure you have a strong case, gather your accident scene evidence, including:

  • Photos of the property damages and injury
  • Accident scene photos such as the debris or traffic lights
  • Expenses paid out, including medical bills and prescriptions

Dog Bites

Being bitten or knocked over by a dog can cause permanent disfigurement requiring compensation. As per California law, the dog owner will be liable for compensating the victim in such cases. Hiring an Avaness Law attorney will help you demonstrate that:

  • The dog belongs to the owner in question
  • You were legally in a private place or public place at the time of the incident
  • You sustained significant injuries as a result

Slip and Fall

A slip and fall accident is a premises liability lawsuit. The property owners will be responsible for the accidents due to negligence when they could do more to prevent the accident. You can be a defendant in the following types of property for a slip and fall accident:

  • Public entities
  • Gyms and fitness centers
  • Restaurants and bars
  • Apartments
  • Retail stores
  • Night clubs
  • Private building owners
  • Private homeowners

After your injury, document evidence, including photos of your injury, the area where you fell, and caution signs nearby, if any. Our Sherman Oaks attorney will use the evidence to prove that the property owner was obliged to provide safe conditions and that the unsafe conditions in their premises directly contributed to your injuries.

Assault and Battery

If injured or threatened by someone, you should report to the police and talk to our Sherman Oaks attorney at Avaness Law to see if you can file a lawsuit against your assailant. The California District Attorney’s office will take the lead when your case is criminal. Still, if you want compensation for your injuries, you can file a lawsuit with our Avaness Personal injury attorney. The civil court will decide if the defendant should compensate you for the damages they have caused.

Workplace Injury

As an employee in California, you have the right to be safe while working. If you get injured at your workplace due to your employer’s negligence, they will be liable for your compensation. Our attorney at Avaness Law will help you with claims for damages, including:

  • Repetitive stress injury
  • Work death claims
  • Work automobile injuries
  • Strain injuries

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death claims are unique in California, and the family can seek compensation for damages. The law requires the spouse, child, parent, domestic partner, or person entitled to the decedent’s estate through succession to file a claim within two years of the wrongful death.

What Compensation Can I Get for Personal Injury?

Personal injuries will result in minor to major injuries requiring medical attention. Even in minor injury cases, you should go for a medical checkup as the case may turn out differently in a matter of days. Our Sherman Oaks attorney will help you get the following compensation for your injury:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Punitive damages
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of consortium

What Should I Do After a Personal Injury in Sherman Oaks?

After suffering a personal injury, the party involved may avoid the liability, while the insurance company can take advantage of you and compensate you poorly. Hence, knowing the right steps to take to protect your rights after an injury is crucial. These steps include:

  • Report the accident to the authorities on the premises or police
  • Gather evidence, including photos and eyewitness details
  • Seek medical attention
  • Avoid conversations about your case

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer at Avaness Law

If you are involved in a personal injury accident, our Sherman Oaks personal injury attorneys will walk you through the legal processes, from investigating the case to getting fair compensation for the damages. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.