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In Need of a Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale?

If you have suffered a personal injury due to another person’s negligence in Glendale, CA, you can claim compensation in the form of damages. Damages can be general or special. The jury will decide the damages you get after a successful claim, depending on the case and evidence your attorney presents.

Most insurance companies will insist on giving low payouts to the victims. Also, following the case as an amateur may be challenging. Due to these and more reasons, you should speak to our Glendale attorneys at Avaness Law. We will investigate and assess your case to ensure you receive fair compensation for your general personal injury.

Components of a Personal Injury Claim

When pursuing a general personal injury claim, our experienced Glendale attorneys will help you prove the following:

  • The defendant had the duty to exercise reasonable care
  • The defendant failed to exercise reasonable care
  • The defendant’s failure to exercise reasonable care caused your injury
  • The injuries or damages you suffered were the results of the defendant’s negligence

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Certain situations can put you at risk of injury, necessitating damages. These incidents include:

  • Motor vehicle crashes: These include motorcycle, truck, car, pedestrian, and bus accidents. The negligent party will be liable for the damages.
  • Slip and fall accidents: A slip and fall accident occurs when a property owner creates or fails to correct a property hazard that injures a guest. For example, if a property owner fails to correct a crack on the floor, causing a customer to fall, they can sue them for damages. Slip and fall accidents comprise premise liability cases such as injuries from lack of signage, negligent security, or poor lighting.
  • Dog bites: After a dog bite, you can get scarring, disease, or worse. The dog owner will be liable for your damages after a dog bite.
  • Medical Malpractice: Sadly, most deaths in the U.S. happen annually due to medical errors, leaving many with permanent injuries due to medical malpractice. Medical malpractice occurs when the doctor’s care is below their reasonable medical standard and harms the patient. If you believe that you or your loved one are dealing with a medical condition that arose due to medical malpractice, you can contact our Glendale attorneys to help you file a lawsuit. We will handle all claims relating to birth injuries, misdiagnosis, medication errors, and cerebral palsy.

Types of Personal Injury Compensatory Damages?

Getting compensation after a personal injury helps you deal with your losses. While these compensations cannot make you whole again, they ease your financial strains. In a personal injury claim, you qualify for the following types of damages award:

Special damages: Special damages compensate you for the financial losses you incur due to your injury. These damages include:

  • Loss of income
  • Past, present, and future medical bills
  • Cost of replacement or repair of damaged property
  • Cost of household services, such as special care during your recovery

Generally, there is no limitation on the amount you can recover in special damages in a personal injury case. Hence, you bear the burden of proving your damages. By hiring our experienced Glendale attorney, you can rest assured of a fair deal.

General damages: Unlike special damages, which are monetary, general damages are non-economic and hence challenging to measure. They aim at compensating you for the intangible losses associated with your injury. These damages include the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of companionship
  • Disfigurement or physical disability
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Loss of consortium

Calculation of General Damages in a Personal Injury Claim in Glendale

Close up of man filling in medical insurance form

Quantifying the amount of money to compensate an injured person for general damages can be challenging. The process involves assigning a dollar amount to an injury, with damages like embarrassment and mental anguish being unique to each plaintiff.

In determining your general damages, the jury or insurance adjuster will check the severity of your injury, the duration of your suffering, and the sensitivities of your injury. Given these imprecise factors, the damage awards will often vary. It is, therefore, wise to work with an experienced Glendale attorney to ensure a fair deal.

Collecting Your Damages After Award

After a successful claim, your next step will be collecting your award. The process is easy if you are dealing with an insurance company. You will sign a release and get your settlement check.  On the other hand, if you file your claims through the courts, the process can be complicated as you have to wait for the other party’s appeal. The defendant may also be unwilling or unable to pay. Hiring our attorney in the latter case will help you find the defendant’s undisclosed assets or place property liens.

Statute of Limitations

When filing a personal injury claim, do so within the specified time by law, called the statute of limitations. These statutes vary by state and start running at the time of the incident. In the case of medical malpractice, the limitation will start running from the point of discovery. Failure to file your claim within this duration can cause a dismissal. Hence, the earlier you consult our experienced attorney, the better your chance of having a strong case, as you will give them ample time to gather evidence on your case.

Get Help From Avaness Law

A general personal injury case will occur when a negligent party’s action injures you. Depending on your injuries, you may be unable to pursue the claims, and hiring our Avaness Law attorney is advisable to ensure stronger negotiations with the insurance adjuster or jury. Our team will investigate your case and present the evidence to ensure fair compensation. Call us today our Burbank personal injury lawyers to schedule your appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions for Personal Injury Attorney in Glendale

How long do I have to contact a personal injury lawyer in Glendale?

In Glendale, the specific time limit to contact a personal injury lawyer depends on the statute of limitations for your particular case. The statute of limitations sets a deadline for filing a lawsuit after an accident or injury. For most personal injuries in California that deadline is two years, and you want to give your attorney ample time to build your case.

What steps should I take after a personal injury accident?

After a personal injury accident you will want to seek medical attention immediately, you may have injuries that you wouldn’t know without medical attention. If you weren’t severely injured you can take some time to photograph the accident. You will also want to report this accident to the authorities. Then you will want to contact a Glendale personal injury lawyer. After you have a lawyer you will want to contact your insurance company.

Do you have to hire a Glendale personal injury lawyer for your case?

While you are not legally required to hire a personal injury lawyer for your case, it is highly recommended. Personal injury law can be complex, and insurance companies are often experienced in minimizing settlements. Having an attorney is in your best interest because they can help you through the entire process.

How is fault determined in a personal injury case?

Fault in a personal injury case is determined by assessing the legal concept of negligence. Negligence refers to a person’s failure to exercise reasonable care, resulting in harm or injury to another party. A type of negligence is breaching the duty of care and that being the direct cause of your injuries.

If I had already hired a lawyer, but am not satisfied am I able to hire a new one?

Yes, you have the right to change lawyers if you are not satisfied with your current representation. However, it’s important to review your existing agreement with your current lawyer before making any decisions. It can also be in your best interest to discuss your dissatisfaction with your attorney first to see if it can be resolved. If you still wish to change lawyers, you can seek a new attorney who specializes in personal injury cases and follow the necessary steps to transfer your case and file a substitution of attorney form.

How do insurance companies typically handle personal injury claims in Glendale?

Your insurance company will typically do their own investigation to evaluate the damages. They will then try to reach a settlement agreement. Typically their first settlement offer will be quite low. It’s important to note that insurance companies are profit-oriented entities, and their primary goal is to minimize their financial exposure. Which is why having a Glendale personal injury lawyer on your side can be beneficial.

Are personal injury claim results public record?

In general, personal injury claim results are not automatically considered public record. The details and outcomes of personal injury claims are typically confidential between the parties involved, including the injured party, their legal representation, and the insurance company.

Is the statute of limitations different if my injury was caused by the city or government vehicle?

Under the California Government Tort Claims Act (GTCA), you are typically required to file a written claim with the appropriate government entity within six months from the date of the incident. This is a shorter timeframe compared to the general two-year statute of limitations for personal injury cases in California. Failing to file a timely claim can result in the forfeiture of your right to pursue a lawsuit against the government entity.

If my personal injury happened while I was visiting California would I still hire a California personal injury lawyer?

If your personal injury occurred while visiting California, it is generally advisable to hire a California personal injury lawyer. Hiring a local lawyer who is familiar with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction where the injury occurred can provide several benefits. You also need a lawyer that is licensed to practice in California for your case anyway.

How do I set up an initial consultation with Avaness Law?

To set up your initial consultation give them a call at 818-724-7222. You can also fill out a contact form on their website. Avaness Law are open Monday-Friday to help you handle your personal injury case.


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